Piero Marsili - Il Cavaliere - 2014

“The Knight”, 2014

Life with its great passages sometimes very painful, as in 2012 with the disappearance of my father (the picture “The Pain of the Soul” is the most representative of it) gave a powerful boost to a sublimation path already started and my palette has been reduced to the essentials, as it was already in 2008, to White, Red and Black.

The White with its glittering salvific candor, which I associate with Caravaggio’s White of Sant’Orsola’s face, obeys and contrasts with the Red, emblem of passions, of love as of the flesh, as of death. The Black field, the all-nothing, the world, the background. In 2014-15, with the paintings “Torture”, “Without mercy” and “The Knight“, I fully express the sublimation of the whole.

In “Torture” all political class is impaled; in “No mercy” the white figure sodomizes the other subject and simultaneously aspires to Paradise, to salvation, “The Knight” finally indicates the way of purification.

I believe in courage, in the sublimation linked to one’s contemporaneity, and that Art is the only truth and the way to salvation of the Soul.