Record: June 25, 2016

Filming and editing by Pino Mannarino

When I composed “Yellow Harmony”, my mind projected on the black and white keys of my piano, pictures of yellow chicks that, with their little beak, opened their eggs on a spring day, lit by the warm sun … After the dark of the conception, finally Life. After the dark and the cold winter, the light and warmth of the spring return.

Symbolic colour of the sun since antiquity, the Yellow is therefore the colour of Light.

In the first Christianity, Jesus is associated with yellow colour and Biblical references to Christos as “the light of the world” lead to the belief that the Christian religion has drawn some of its symbols from ancient and previous solar cults.

Yellow as the colour of gold, often recurs in mythology, and among the many, I remember the legend of the gold veil won by Jason and his Argonauts. The Golden Veil, who had the power to cure the wounds…

Allusion perhaps to the “healing” power of Divine Light?